Hoke’s Brigade at Batchelor’s Creek

In a recent blog I asked: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ask some of the long gone veterans of the 6th North Carolina State troops what they did during specific battles?

I’m still waiting to hear from someone in the 6th North Carolina (Hint Hint Major York…) but I was surprised to “hear” from a soldier in the 43rd N.C. who was a participant and offered his first hand account to the Feb 23. 1864 “The Western Democrat”  newspaper in Charlotte, N. C. I “stumbled” across this article today when looking for something completely different. Odd…Did I really stumble across this or was it put in my path to trip over…Hmmmm.

Anyway, you can read it for yourself below, but fast forward to the last paragraph where he says:  “The other regiments of this brigade acted their parts nobly, but weren’t called upon as those four battalions mentioned above” . I take this to mean that the 6th NCST was there, but not actively engaged…which is what I had assumed, but now have a confirmation from someone who was there …Thanks “D”.